Bank Nifty Analysis on 30March2023

The chart of Bank Nifty is giving us an interesting signal today.

This signal is predicting the movement of Bank Nifty in a particular direction in the coming days. So, if we understand this signal, we can make profit from it.

The signal indicates that Bank Nifty should go up in the coming days.

We have got this signal by applying technical analysis concepts on the Bank Nifty chart.

Students of the course “Fundamental আৰু Technical Analysis” may click this link to learn how we got this signal from technical analysis. The required concepts for detecting this signal has already been taught in the course.

By Anupal Bharali

An Educator and Social Thinker. Qualification: B.E. from BITS-PILANI in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Director, Top-Gyan Edusolutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

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