Satya Pal Malik’s Interview with Karan Thapar: an Analysis

Watched today the interview of Ex-Governor Satya Pal Malik by Mr. Karan Thapar on The Wire channel in YouTube.

And my reactions to it are:

  • Mr. Malik has mentioned about quite a number of incidents, but has not given any proof to substantiate his remarks. No documents, no video, no audio – just nothing was provided as proof. So, how can one believe his remarks without any proof!
  • Most of the opposition political parties are using Mr. Malik’s ‘words’ to create a huge issue to corner Modi ji and the BJP. Ironically, these are the same parties who were asking for proof after the Balakot strike. I don’t know why, but this has reminded me of a drowning person grabbing a straw to remain afloat!
  • The body language, remarks and the tone of Mr. Thapar, a known anti-Modi anti-BJP journalist, were clearly giving away signals that he was keen to blame everything on Modi ji and the BJP. For example, he was wishing that Mr. Rajnath Singh (the Defence Minister) should have resigned after the Pulwama incident, but did not ask Mr. Malik (the Governor) why he did not resign, even though Mr. Malik had stated that he was also responsible.
  • Why did not Mr. Malik resign after the Pulwama incident? Why is he saying all these now, after he has been removed from power? Please recall the darkest period of Indian democracy, the ’emergency’ imposed by Late Indira Gandhi. Among the people who brought down pre-maturely the duly elected govt of Late Morarji Desai (formed after the emergency) by switching sides and joining hands with Mrs. Gandhi was Mr. Malik. Shows clearly that he enjoys ‘power’.

The above points have made me wonder how much is the ‘worth’ of that interview !

Think about it !!!

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You may watch the original interview mentioned in this blog by following this link.

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By Anupal Bharali

An Educator and Social Thinker. Qualification: B.E. from BITS-PILANI in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Director, Top-Gyan Edusolutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

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